Arkley Brinc is a Venture Capital fund run by partners who have over a decade of experience in launching and scaling startups. We focus on seed- and early-stage startups and help them grow from prototype to IPO. 

Arkley Brinc VC

Arkley Brinc VC provides venture capital for IoT and hardware-enabled startups based in Poland (or European companies with operations in Poland). On top of investing capital, we offer a network that reaches deep into Silicon Valley and the Greater Bay area in China. Both Arkley (our former hardware fund) and our partners at Brinc (a global accelerator and investor) have an extensive track-record of investments into hardware startups (+250 companies combined). A new initiative was formed to become a European leader in IoT and hardware related investments, tapping into the experience and network of Brinc and Arkley.

Arkley Launchpad

Arkley Launchpad is a fully tailored acceleration program for seed and early stage startups. We work as a team member with our startups to achieve mutually agreed operational and financial goals. During the program we want to share Arkley’s experience and network. Depending on the startup’s stage, our support can include: product development (from our designing and prototyping agency network), manufacturing (from our Chinese manufacturers network), distribution and sales (from our EU and US networks) and much more. We are experts in startups so we know all the necessary steps. The core aim of the Accelerator is to raise a funding round.

Our companies perform best when startup communiaties flourish. That is why we organise events like Hardware Massive and Hardware Bootcamp. You will also find our team members sharing their knowledge and experience all over the globe. Whether as keynote speakers or panel judges.

Warsaw and Hong Kong are where we call home. We have offices in these locations, but are connected globally through our partners.


Bryony Cooper

Managing Partner



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