Arkley is calling for startups to join its acceleration program - Arkley Launchpad!

Coming through the way from prototype to investment - this is what we want to offer all startups joining the Arkley Launchpad Program. Why we believe we can make it? Because we came through exactly same way with our portfolio companies: ZMorph, BIVROST, Tespack, Robo Wunderkind and Lovely - successfully.

About the program

 No “deadlines” and “cohorts” -  program is fully individual. It means that you can apply and join the program at any time, and when accepted Arkley’s team will work with you individually.

“We want to move away from current accelerations’ models of gathering cohort of startups in the same place at the same time, and move further - by providing first fully individual acceleration program, in which startups are treated on case by case basis or even more precise team by team basis. Because we believe team is the primary success factor.” - Piotr Wasowski, Arkley’s CEO & Founder.

During the program we want to share Arkley’s experience and network. Depends on your startup stage our help can include: product development (by designing and prototyping agencies network), manufacturing (by Chinese manufacturers network), distribution and sales (by EU and US network) and much more. We are doing hardware, so we know all unavoidable steps.

Mentioned network includes  +100 contacts verified by work with our portfolio companies.

About the money

Arkley Launchpad Program cannot guarantee an investment. However, this is our main goal. Why? Because entering the program is “cash / equity free”, it means that only investment guarantee “cash” for startup and “equity” for Arkley Launchpad  ( “fee”).

Additionally, as still our core business remain being a venture capital fund some startups can expect commitment of investment from Arkley fund itself.

About the startups

As being said we are not looking for “startups” but for “teams” working on hardware projects in pre-see/seed stage.

There is no need to look far to find the reason why “team” is the main recruitment and selection criterion for Arkley Launchpad. Three of Arkley’s portfolio companies founders (Jakub Konik - Lovely, Yesika Seppa & Caritta Robles - Tespack) were included in this year’s Forbes 30 under 30 list, proofing that venture capital is human capital.

Arkley Launchpad Program criteria are following: having team, working on hardware, being in pre-seed/seed stage.

About the Senstone

At the moment, without official launch of Arkley Launchpad, we are in talks with more than ten teams willing to join the program, and one team in the program.

Senstone, one of the top Ukrainian startup (+300 000 USD raised on Kickstarter) is the first team we are happy to work with.

We will dedicate a separate article to Senstone soon. Stay tuned!

If you are looking for more information:

contact person

Marta Proksa (
Investment Manager 

March 5, 2018