Arkley Launchpad
First fully individual Acceleration Program
Our approach

We are the most individual acceleration program on earth. Representing the bespoke model: We do what's necessary to make you do what's impossible. We are working with startups as a team member in order to achieve agreed operational and financial goals by using Arkley’s ecosystem.

Prototyping, manufacturing, retail & sale reps, investors.
Experience in raising capital (+ 20 projects; incl. 3 IPOs).
Arkley will invest in some of Launchpad startups.
Working with us
Find some startups who join Arkley Launchpad.
Our program
The main goal of Accelerator is to raise funding round. Additionally, as still our core business remain being a VC Fund some startups can expect commitment of investment from Arkley fund itself (Arkley-Brinc.VC).
You can apply via application form or e-mail. No deadlines, no cohorts - we are always waiting for you! Submit your startup via form or e-mail us at
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No deadlines, no cohorts. We want to move away from current accelerations’ models of gathering cohort of startups at the same place at the same time, and move further - by providing the first fully tailored acceleration program, in which startups are treated on case by case basis or even more precise by working with a team, as we believe team is the primary success factor. The program considers both operational and financial needs of selected startups.

We are interested in startups from all sectors with strong team, MVP, and initial traction. Nevertheless, we are reviewing all submitted applications, so some exceptions may occur.

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Operational & Financial goals
Operational & Financial goals
We are setting together both operational and financial goals. We are working with startups founder as a team member, hand-in-hand, on daily basis in order to achieve agreed goals.
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During the program we want to share Arkley’s experience and network.

Depends on your startup needs our help can include: strategy development, brand development, product development (from designing and prototyping agencies network), manufacturing (from Chinese manufacturers network), distribution and sales (from EU and US network), investors network (worldwide) and much more. We are doing startups, so we know all necessary steps. Mentioned network includes + 100 verified contacts.

We are working simultaneously on both operational and financial goals. The core aim of Arkley Launchpad is to raise a successful funding round.

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Main goal
Main goal
The core aim of Arkley Launchpad is to raise a successful funding round. Additionally, some startup teams can expect an investment from Arkley-Brinc VC itself.
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We have experience in arrangement of funds from Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A even to IPO, for +20 different projects, including 3 IPOs executed by Arkley's Founder & CEO.

The core aim of Arkley Launchpad is to raise a successful funding round. This can be achieved by Arkley's investors network +100 contacts of both software and hardware investors worldwide. Additionally, some startups can expect an investment from Arkley-Brinc VC itself.

You can get to know more about our accelerating and investing experience by checking our portfolio section. All of Arkley's portfolio companies (previous portfolio) raised follow-on rounds in 2017.

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Arkley Investor
Group One
Investor in Arkley Launchpad & Arkley-Brinc VC
Group One is our Limited Partner. Poland‘s largest independent media communications group. The Team provides clients with integrated strategic, creative, media and technological services and perfectly understand online as well as offline. The group members are media agencies, with leading Value Media, two full-service creative agencies – Change Serviceplan and Gong, ecommerce performance agency - SalesTube, and ReveScore - the first Technology and Marketing Partner of DoubleClick by Google platform. The group employs over 300 specialists, supporting each other while building leading brands in the market.