Refericon is an incredible e-commerce solution that allows to recommend your products to the clients!


“When I was recruiting first employees to Refericon I was guided by passion and experience. These two features are the most important for a company that is just starting its adventure and has to count on many surprises. Passion guarantees constant commitment to the project and faith in the idea allows you to survive these difficult moments. I followed the same criteria when I was looking for a business partner. It wasn’t only important to me find someone to be interested in technology, but to be passionate about it. Very important to me is also the extensive experience of the Arkley Team, which can fill our gaps. The art of good company management consists in undertaking cooperation with specialists, for me this is the Arkley Team” - Paweł Styperek, CEO of Refericon

The problem

Have you ever recommended product or service to someone? If yes - that’s great!  Unfortunately there is not so many customers that recommend the store after shopping, even if they are truly satisfied. Research shows that 86% of satisfied customers declares willingness to recommend the products, unfortunately, the same research indicates that only 29% do it actually in practice.

What is Refericon?

Did  you know that 77% of customers are more likely to buy a product on the recommendation of friends or family and 92% of clients trust recommendations of friends and family? Reference marketing is an organized form of promoting products or services through their clients among their friends in an informal way. Refericon is the customer reference tool that helps micro and small businesses in e-commerce to sell more products. The product provides tools for recommendation, and measures the results.

How does it work for vendors?

After installing the application, an icon encouraging to recommendation will appear on the store website. The application automatically assigns rewards for the recommendation based on the settings prepared in the application panel. Admin of the store  can specify whether the client has all the options available or only selected. A referral will receive an e-mail with the content prepared by admin in the application panel.

How does it work for buyers?

The customer will see a photo of the product on store  subpage, and a description prepared by the store in the application.That helps encourage the customer to recommend the store to his friends in exchange for a discount or other reward, eg. free delivery. The customer can recommend the store with: friend's e-mail address, share information on Facebook, send a private message on Facebook or copy the commend link for a friend.

Case Study: Cooperation with Cyfrowa Foto  (leader of photo gadgets market in Poland)

Before full implementation of Refericon, it was decided to test the application in November on the website. During 30 days of free tests, the application generated: 824 commends, which turned into several dozen purchases, and 605 e-mail addresses for the newsletter collected.

The results turned out to be so satisfying, and Refericon was implemented also on the other sites belonging to Cyfrowa Foto. In about a month and a half, thanks to Refericon Cyfrowa Foto  gathered over 7000 recommendations. In addition, Refericon has obtained over 1300 email addresses, 54% of which were addresses that are not in the newsletter of the company. Statistics for the entire reported period of functioning of Refericon: for people who receive the recommendation - 7.2% conversion, for people sending the recommendation - 21% conversion. Such good effects have been achieved, among others thanks to full personalization, description optimization and attractive rewards in exchange for the commend.


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July 3, 2018