United Robots will automate the World with intelligent robots

United Robots is the next company which joined Arkley Launchpad!

"Robots and artificial intelligence is my passion that I can realize at United Robots. For many years I have been observing how robotics is developing and how the area of its applications is growing. I believe that in the near future robots will accelerate and simplify most of the processes in which people does monotonous and tedious job. Our robots, using artificial intelligence algorithms, bring the automation of work to a new level.” - said Dariusz Mańkowski, the founder of United Robots.

What is the United Robots?

United Robots is a technology company operating in the robotics and artificial intelligence industry. The company is working on an autonomous platform that could map and analyse the environment in which the robot operates. The company is preparing an autonomous robot with electric drive, adapted to the needs and requirements of work for example in several different types of storage facilities.

The product

Robots created by startup are characterized by a high level of autonomy and security, which allows everyone to use it. Robots are accessible for people without operator supervision as well. The above features and the rapid implementation of robots are the main advantages among the competitors.

The technology

The UR robot can navigate indoors and avoid obstacles without human supervision. Their goal is a robot that will be able to recognize and classify objects in the vicinity and on this basis will undertake optimal decisions on its task without human operator supervision. United Robots is applying expertise in mobile localisation, machine learning, computer vision to convert machines into artificial intelligence equipment working without human supervisions. UR Robot has a lot of useful functionalities such as indoor mapping and visualisation and autonomous driving. The team has applied into Robots obstacle avoidance and GUI interface.They main aim of the startup is to focus on the autonomy of robots. They continuously develop their technology and make the equipment more innovative. United Robots long-term goal is to gain the success in the autonomous robots industry and after that start creating autonomous ships and planes.

Case Study: The cooperation with Poczta Polska (Polish National Post Office)

United Robots was selected as one of the twenty innovative companies by Polish Post to improve their operations. The Polish Post wanted to implement the solutions which shorten the delivery time of parcels. That’s why UR was a perfect match for them. UR Robot can move independently both in public space as well as in the production plants. The United Robots solution concerned the optimization and automation of logistics processes that take place in the Polish Post Office. They solution has helped to shorten the shipment time. They strived for the shipment in the logistics center to be transported from the place of unloading to the sorting location and then again from the sorting place to the reloading of sorted shipments in the shortest possible time.


United Robots is the fifth startup which joined acceleration program Arkley Launchpad. Startup founders who are also looking for operational and financial support can contact us at hello@arkley.vc or apply here.

United Robots Internet website here: http://www.unitedrobots.co/

The founder statement about UR operation here

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June 14, 2018