Woolet is the best smart wallet with the biggest lost&found network!

Arkley loves good hardware and is addicted to smart solutions therefore we are pleased to announce the new member in our Arkley Launchpad Family: Woolet - The wallet that makes you smarter!

“Arkley was my first choice in terms of Hardware VC that knows the business. Seeing successful campaign for Lovely, Bivrost or Tespack this ensured us to move along with this partner.” - Marek Cieśla, CEO of Woolet Company.

Have you ever lost valuable things as wallet or keys? Do you know this terrible feeling that is frighten you in these kind of situations? Hey, you don’t have to worry any longer! We are happy to present next startup joining Arkley Launchpad Program which will make you forget about it - WOOLET THE WALLET THAT MAKES YOU SMARTER.


Few years ago, two entrepreneurs found themselves in a situation where one kept losing keys and wallets over and over again (sounds familiar, right?). The belongings were very important, so they figured out that there must be a way to connect their belongings to a smartphone, and find the last seen localization. To make it happen, the founders set up a Kickstarter campaign that proved them that the solution is needed. With more than $300K and $50K in pre-orders, the Company manufactured a whole ecosystem of Wearables and Trackers to solve problem of losing most commonly used items. Since Kickstarter, the Company has made about 40 enhancements to the materials and software and even developed the Cloud „LostFound.Today”. Quite impressive, right?


Woolet is a modern wallet in classic style, which communicate with smartphones. Every piece is hand-crafted and conceals sophisticated electronics under the leather cover. It looks like a traditional wallet but has unique features. The most important thing is reliability and safety.  One application can serve even a few Woolet devices and perform actions designated by you (for each one). It will display an alert when you walk away from the wallet, show the last remembered location or allow you to “make a call” to the wallet if you forget where you have left it.  Woolet communicates via Bluetooth interface. Electronics, which is the core of this smart wallet, is miniature enough to be utterly impalpable. Sewn in inside the smart wallet remains well hidden and constantly keeps guard over your belongings. Depending on the model, Woolet offers a coat which prevents your cards from getting read, or an anti-theft alarm. Moreover, access to the electronics is limited and it cannot be removed without cutting the wallet.  And trust us, it looks very classy.


As we mentioned last time Arkley is calling for startups to join Arkley Launchpad Program. During the program we want to share our experience and network. Depends on your startup stage our help can include: product development (by designing and prototyping agencies network), manufacturing (by Chinese manufacturers network), distribution and sales (by EU and US network). 

Our main goal is to raise for you succesfull funding round!

If you have interesting technology based solution - feel invited.

April 4, 2018