Smart luggage for Unforgettable Trips

ETERNITIVE Sp. z o.o. designs and manufactures lightweight smart luggage, with a mission to provide travellers with the best experience on every trip. They offer affordable, high quality products to the modern traveller. Their philosophy is that good travel memories also remain for an eternity; that a suitcase is not just a place to put your clothes, but is a statement that serves as an extension of your personality. Their luggage is designed by travellers, for travellers.  

In the recent past, many smart suitcase brands entering the market experienced failures due to the technology not being compliant with travel regulations, or due to an inaccessibly high cost to customers. Eternitive solves both of these problems with their products. 

Technical features include a removable USB charger that meets legal requirements, and a TSA-compliant lock that opens with the customer's fingerprint. Additionally, a cup holder and phone holder, as well as 360 wheels, are included with every suitcase.

Smart suitcases by ETERNITIVE are available to buy online via various ecommerce platforms. They currently come in 3 sizes: small cabin size, medium, and large. Prices start from 59.00€ per cabin suitcase. 

Their initial focus is on suitcases, with other travel accessories to be added to their product lines in future.