Welcome Onni Care - smart baby monitors bundled with a baby app and service

By bundling their baby monitors with a baby care app featuring day-to-day activity, growth and development tracking, Onni Care helps share the joys and banish the fears that go with becoming a parent.


The founders’ journey from parenting to a start-up

Onni Care was born after its founders became parents. Dissatisfied with existing baby monitoring solutions and frustrated with having to use multiple tools to monitor their baby, they found themselves wanting something much more advanced and easy to use, and something that would enable them to learn their child’s feeding and sleeping patterns. When their family grew, they realised that children are different – even twins are different – and no one size fits all instructions can ever be given. With the Onni Care baby monitor and the companion Onni Baby app and service, parents can see and hear the baby anytime, anywhere with any connected device, and they can also keep track of the child’s feeding, sleeping and diaper changes as well as long-term growth and development.

The product

The product features at-home and remote-access baby monitoring - currently available models include Astro and Twinkle, Star is coming soon – and all monitors connect to the Onni Baby app and service. With the mobile app and web service, parents can track the child’s most recurring day-to-day activities including feeding, sleeping and diaper changes as well as long-term growth and development using WHO growth charts and stats. Next, Onni Care will add AI to their service to enable giving parents information, guidance and product recommendations that are specific to the child’s developmental stage.


The technology

Onni Care is the only product in the market that combines baby monitoring hardware with baby’s activity, growth and development tracking services designed to enable parents and loved ones to stay informed and connected anytime and anywhere. The products feature multi-layered system security, secure multi-user access, extra services, system extendibility with other devices as well as multi-award-winning design. All baby monitors connect to and are used with the free companion Onni Baby service, which consists of the Onni Baby smartphone app and the Onni Baby web portal accessible through any browser. The baby monitors enable alerts to come through to the app (e.g. when the baby cries), and parents can access the live video feed either using the app or the web portal at any time, anywhere, using any connected device.


Their mission

The team believe that technology can never replace a person, and instead of using technology to take out the human factor in the circle of care, they use it to enhance the quality of care. Initially focused on the B2C market, Onni Care has also branched out to B2B having already completed a trial with an insurance company with plans to conduct clinical trials next.

The Baby Innovation Award

Onni Care range of products have been elected as winner in Baby Innovation Awards in 2018, a Dutch competition where mothers and professionals vote for the most innovative baby products available in The Netherlands. The Baby Innovation Award is an initiative of Babywereld magazine in collaboration with the Nine Months Fair. In November 2017, the jury of experts nominated the most innovative baby products. The Mum’s jury day took place in January 2018. Mothers watched all nominated products live on this day. The result of the professional jury, online voters and visitors of the Mum’s jury day together determined the winner.

Onni Care website here: https://www.onnicare.com/

Article based on: https://www.onnicare.com/story

November 5, 2018